Tuesday, July 20, 2010

12th July 2010, Moscow, Russia

BEST VIEW of the day from my room.. LOL! day n night...

Just came back from Berlin, Germany.Wanted to upload berlin's picture and than i notice i haven uploaded moscow pic.. and the worst part is i deleted most of it n resize all the pictures n i forget to keep a original copy =( OMGGGG!!!! how saddddd..... so here is wat left n the size of the picture is small n pixelize if u maximize it.. LOL!!! MOSCOW HERE WE COME~Crowne Plaza Hotel~ In the center of the city. =)The train station.. it reminds me of final destination LOL!Old CHOO CHOO train... the subway is called metro.. n here is so many connecting trains without english signs at all.. n creepy... n old.. OMG! once in a life time experience...Entrance to d subway...Evening at the Red square..LOL... wth are we doing? LOL!Chilling by the side walk of Red Square..Inside one of the malls... NICE!Some random kid that run pass, his so cute.. remind me of my brother when his a kid.. dont they just look alike?Me n erm.. forget her name.. oh god.. flying with too many crew... =(*forget her name*-india, Septimus-Philipines, Meg-Indonesia, n ME!Our pilot forget his name.. OMG... from US... and the rojak us... LOL..Dont ask me what is he doing hahaha!!!Me n *forget his name as well... * oppps.Me n Miss meg~Me n Miss meg take 2!Very nice place...Septimus what are u doing... OMG! Me n Captain from Malaysia, 1 from tunisia, 1 from india, 1 from philipines, 1 from crezh republic n the super USA guy.. LOL! GOD bless America, God bless United States n Nothing else! LOL!!!LOL.... One big family!LOL wanna know why did we laugh?We was trying to jump in the picture to be in the air... n this is the picture that we get!! hahahaha!!!U snap me, i snap u? lolso cool builing.. but i feel that all europe buildings almost looks alike..Aladin? LOL! this is a museum... Lunch is served! the place we had our lunch.Guy with a horsey... dunno who is he.. was juz snapping snapping n snapping.. LOLYey~ fresh air.. out of the dessert is so NICE!Windy n sunny~ n cooling n everything~She just loves pictures so much LOL!Everything is in red here~ thats y its called red square? hmmm...Everyone.. but where is me? LOL! photographer Janice!Eating while snapping.. snap snap!So spacous... nice rite?My room... room sweet room =)How my hotel looks from the inside...My hotel view facing Radisson Royal hotel... Gorgeous..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

2nd July 2010, Yvoire, France!!!

We took a tramp from Swiss n went over to France!!~ Yvoire was so beautiful...everything is full of flowers n plants... its a wonderfull place.... once we step dont from the ramp its like we enter another part of the world... i've never seen so much green in my life haha.. even the walls is full of plants growing on it... The roses is as big as my face LOL it a total other way around from the city view... On the way to Yvoire...Turn here turn there~ gogogo..the post office is so cute n colorful/.. hahaalmost there!at last~!! me n mounir from Tunisia XD snap us plz~!flowers everywhere...now u get wat i mean by plants stiking all over the walls? hahahathe poser gang... LOLsnap me plz~!is tis a lake or a sea i have no idea...should be a lake coz there is ducklings here...look at the view... aaawwwww...LOL more pictures of me..look how clear is the water... u can see tru the water n count the pebbles in it...Me n Ekta from India XD pose plz~Me n jeong min from korea~!nice structure XDi dunno exactly wat building is tis.. LOLChill....See Mounir posing haha..ugly duckling that turns out to be a swan... LOLnice view huh?me n min... LOL too much of sun expoture.. ruin our picmin n ekta..Min-korea, Anna-russia, Janice-Malaysia, Mounir- Tunisia, n photog is ekta from india... we're a bunch of cocktails... hahaha rojakMounir see wat picture tat u snap? LOLMe n the flowersYvoire monument?Walls with plantsThe beautiful church~!

Look at the flower.... see until my eyes also @@.... hahaha

we had a nice trip heading down to Yvoire~! yataaaaa!!!!!